Employing People?

Peter Rhodes explains our pragmatic, businesslike and specialist approach to helping you with any legal issues arising out of employing people in your business.

Employing People?

Got any employment problem in your business? Our specialist employment lawyers can help you talk them through.

European Directives, English Legislation, decisions of the Courts and Tribunals that are difficult to understand - how do you keep up to date and act fairly in the interest of both your business and your employees?

That is whywe have a dedicated Employment Law team that will guide you through the legal maze and advise and support you and your business at every step of the way

Call us now to:

  • Check on Holiday Pay Claims
  • Check on your legal obligations to employees.
  • Discuss concerns over possible employment claims against you.
  • Plan redundancies or dismissals you might be thinking about.
  • Discuss difficult employees & employees with critical illness or disability issues.
  • Identify your options?
  • Discuss Tribunal representation.
  • Find out how much compensation you might have to pay.
  • Find out how much getting our help will cost.
  • Arrange for an ‘Employment Law Health Check.

We help businesses of all sizes on all aspects of employmentlaw and so whether you are a large and established plc or a newly formed sole trader we have the team to support you.

Molesworths can help with the following:

  • Providing advise on Holiday Pay Claims
  • Contracts of Employment.
  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Advising and preparing all forms of Employment.
  • Service agreements for all senior employees 
  • Guidance on all legislation and practice.
  • Advising on Restraint of Trade covenants for Key Employees.
  • Dismissals including redundancy
  • Discrimination Issues
  • Representation in Courts and Employment Tribunals
  • Training on preparing and implementing Disciplinary, Dismissal and Grievance Procedures

We advise on the basis that prevention is better than cure but when an employment relationship breaks down, we provide clear, cost effective advice on alternative dispute resolution and representation in Employment Tribunals and the Courts.

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