Wife Claims Against Husband for Car Crash

Date online: 07/11/2011

A woman who was injured when the car being driven by her husband was involved in an accident has won £34,000 in compensation from his insurers.

The 78-year-old woman was being driven home from her son-in-law’s 50th birthday party by her husband. He lost control of the car and they collided with another vehicle.

The woman was treated for compound fractures in her legs and five broken ribs. She also suffered a head injury, which led to a small bleed in her brain, although this did not require treatment. She was in hospital for two months and was dependent on a wheelchair when she was discharged.

It took another six weeks before she was able to use a Zimmer frame to get around at home and it was several months before she could carry out normal household tasks.

The woman brought a personal injury claim against her husband, whose insurer admitted liability. After evidence from her doctors as to the extent of her injuries was presented, a settlement of £34,000 was agreed.

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