Train Driver Wins Tinnitus Payout

Date online: 21/07/2012

A train driver who developed tinnitus and was unable to carry out his normal duties for a year has won substantial compensation from his employer, Northern Rail Ltd.

The driver was approaching a station when the door between his cab and the main part of the train suddenly burst open with a loud bang. He tried to secure the door at the next station; however, the lock was defective and the door burst open again.

Shortly afterwards, he noticed a continuous buzzing in his ears, which was later diagnosed as tinnitus. He was put on light duties for six months, as Northern Rail’s health and safety policies prevented him from continuing to drive trains. A year later, he was able to resume his normal duties. However, his condition has greatly affected his ability to lead a normal life. He finds it very difficult to sleep, has trouble hearing the television over the buzzing in his ears, and struggles to read books or newspapers because he finds it hard to concentrate.

The man brought a claim for compensation against Northern Rail, claiming that the door should have been kept secured so that it would not slam shut. Northern Rail admitted liability and agreed to settle the claim out of court for an undisclosed figure.

The settlement represents compensation for the man’s loss of earnings during the period he was unable to work as a train driver and for the pain and suffering he has endured.


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