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Why You Should Make a Will

Why You Should Make a Will

Date online: 03/01/2012

Earlier this year, YouGov carried out a poll on behalf of children’s charity Barnardo’s. The results indicate that 58 per cent of adults in the UK, and 74 per cent of those who are cohabiting, do not currently have a will in place.

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£5,000 for High Street Trip

Date online: 22/12/2011

A man who tripped on a raised paving stone in the pedestrian area of a high street has won £5,000 in compensation for his injuries.

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Former Joiner Wins Mesothelioma Compensation

Date online: 28/11/2011

A joiner who is now terminally ill after being exposed to asbestos at work has won compensation of more than £350,000 from his former employer.

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David Cameron confirms consultation on ‘protected conversations’

Date online: 21/11/2011

In a speech setting out measures intended to promote economic growth, the Prime Minister has indicated that the Government will consult on the introduction of ‘protected conversations’.

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Court rules on unmarried couples' property rights

Date online: 14/11/2011

A man who left his partner nearly 20 years ago is not entitled to half the value of the house they had shared, the Supreme Court has ruled.

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Compensation for Nurse Exposed to Asbestos in Hospital

Date online: 12/11/2011

The family of a woman who died of mesothelioma has received £150,000 in damages.

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