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Shared Parental Responsibility and Divorce

Date online: 12/05/2012

Having rejected the findings of a report it commissioned into the parenting of children after divorce, the Government has thrown into doubt the whole area of how this issue will be dealt with in future.

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Planned Changes to Unfair Dismissal Rights

Date online: 06/05/2012

The Government has confirmed that the qualification period for the right to claim unfair dismissal will be extended from one to two years from 6 April 2012.

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

Date online: 30/04/2012

In October 2007 there was a fundamental change on the way in the way powers of attorney are created and the powers that they can give attorneys, when the Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) was replaced by the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

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Dealing With an Insolvent Estate

Date online: 25/04/2012

One of the rules that applies to the administration of estates is that whilst a person appointed as executor under a will can refuse to accept the appointment,

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Estates - What Happens if Values Fall?

Date online: 20/04/2012

One of the biggest problems now facing executors is that as the recession progresses, most assets, other than cash, are falling in value,

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Cohabitees and Death - Who Can Claim?

Date online: 15/04/2012

When one member of a cohabiting couple dies, it can come as an unpleasant surprise to the bereaved partner to discover that not all of their late partner’s estate will pass to them in the absence of a will.

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