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Divorced Husband Ordered to Pay Up After Hidden Share Deal

Date online: 14/08/2012

The Court of Appeal has ordered a divorced husband to pay an additional £481,000 in ancillary relief to his former wife, five years after the original divorce was settled, because he hid information about a profitable share deal.

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Planning Laws and New Developments

Date online: 07/08/2012

Whether you are planning to refurbish and sell a house or to construct a whole new apartment block, almost all your plans will be governed by planning laws and any local restrictions.

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Court Takes Commonsense View in Will Case

Date online: 01/08/2012

The courts are loath to ‘infer’ provisions into any sort of document, let alone one as final as a will, unless there is a compelling reason to do so,

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8,000 Payout for Dental Negligence

Date online: 27/07/2012

A woman who endured serious pain after her dentist failed to spot that she had an abscess has won £8,000 in compensation.

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Train Driver Wins Tinnitus Payout

Date online: 21/07/2012

A train driver who developed tinnitus and was unable to carry out his normal duties for a year has won substantial compensation from his employer, Northern Rail Ltd.

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£70,000 for Construction Worker's Shattered Heels

Date online: 14/07/2012

A former roofer who shattered his heels when he fell feet-first from a tall building has won £70,000 in damages.

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