£70,000 for Construction Worker's Shattered Heels

Date online: 14/07/2012

A former roofer who shattered his heels when he fell feet-first from a tall building has won £70,000 in damages.

Francis Ancliffe, 28, fell from the roof of a mill where he had been working without scaffolding. The injury meant he was confined to a wheelchair for two months. He continues to take strong painkillers and has been forced to give up his favourite hobbies of rugby and football. He has also been told that he is at greater risk of developing arthritis as he gets older.

Mr Ancliffe commenced proceedings against the company that owned the mill. Initially, he was told that his claim had little prospect of success, but he persevered and eventually won £70,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

Because he was out of work for a time after the accident, Mr Ancliffe, his wife and their six-year-old daughter were dependent on relatives for support. The settlement will enable the family to pay back money loaned to them during this period.

Mr Ancliffe has managed to find a new job in a factory, albeit at a lower salary. His hopes of returning to work in the construction industry and one day setting up his own roofing business have been dashed, however.


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