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Holiday Pay Claims

Are you sure you have calculated Holiday Pay correctly or are your employees lining up to make claims against your business for under paid holiday pay?

In a current Judgement the Employment Appeal Tribunal has moved the goal posts by giving a wider interpretation to the meaning of “normal pay” and by doing so has put many businesses at risk! Where does your business stand?

Questions you will need to answer:-

1. What is normal pay for the purposes of calculating holiday pay ?

2. Does it include voluntary and/or compulsory overtime?

3. Does it include sales commission?

4. What about payments for travelling time?

5. How should holiday pay be calculated?

6. How many year’s back pay can be claimed?

Our dedicated Employment Team has studied the Judgement and has the answers to all these questions and many more. Our Senior Employment Law Expert Peter Rhodes can give you clear, up to date practical advice on the implications for your businesses.

A single successful holiday pay claim could be a six figure sum - so act now and call us for advice.

For more information on how we can help you, contact: Peter Rhodes, Solicitor, on 01706 356666 or email prhodes@molesworths.co.uk

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