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Food Hygiene & Safety

Food Hygiene & Safety

Is your business threatened with closure as a result of breaches in Food Hygiene and Safety Law? Are you facing prosecution by environmental health officers? Have you been served with a Food Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order or a Food Hygiene Improvement Notice? If so, we can offer you specialist advice and defence.

Many different types of businesses are subject to food hygiene and safety laws. Failure to comply with food safety legislation is a serious matter and can result in criminal investigation and prosecution, with heavy fines or imprisonment.
Trading Standards, Environmental Health and Local Authorities have wide powers to investigate and prosecute food businesses failing to comply with the Food Safety Act 1990 and Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006. Food businesses are subject to regular inspections for non-compliance or failures to meet food hygiene and safety standards.

Warnings and prosecutions cover a wide range of offences. We can help you or your business with specialist advice, representation and defence for:

• Hygiene emergency prohibition orders
• Hygiene improvement notices
• Prosecutions

Food Hygiene and Safety law is complex and subject to frequent changes. Our extensive experience in Food Hygiene and Safety matters means we are able to help ensure that you and your business is compliant with the law, advise you on the risk of committing a criminal offence and advise you on the likelihood of a criminal penalty being issued.

We recognise that investigation and prosecution can be an incredibly distressing experience and, potentially, devastating to your business. Our dedicated team of specialist solicitors will be on hand when you need them most, to guide you through the various proceedings, explaining your rights and obligations. We will support you through initial investigation and interviews and be there to represent you if you are formally prosecuted and your case goes to Court.

If you have a Food Hygiene & Safety matter that is impacting on you or your business, contact us, today, for urgent specialist advice.

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