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Environmental Prosecutions

Environmental Prosecutions

Are you being prosecuted by the Regulator? Are you being accused of polluting land or water? You may be in breach of an Environmental Permit or the Environmental Protection Act or have failed to uphold Hazardous or Controlled Waste Regulations? If you face accusations, investigation or prosecution for breaches of Environmental Law, we can help you defend those allegations.

Violation of Environment Law and regulation can result in prosecution in the criminal courts. Violations include fly tipping, causing land or water pollution and failure to dispose of harmful waste and chemicals, properly.

We can help defend you or your business with specialist advice on Environment Law, including:

• Interviews under Caution with the Regulator
• Environment Agency prosecutions
• Noise Abatement Appeals

Our team of specialist solicitors have an excellent track record of negotiating with the Environment Agency to find the best way forward and help you avoid a potential prosecution. We also have wide experience of defending individuals and businesses charged with Environment Agency law offences, in Court.
If you or your business is facing an Environment Agency investigation, or you have received a summons to court for an Environment Law violation, we strongly recommend that you contact us for specialist legal advice, straight away.

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