Supporting Clients Through Divorce

Date online: 23/04/2014

Relationship breakdowns are obviously extremely stressful. Not only do people have to deal with the emotional side but there are also practicalities to be dealt with.

Some of those are universal whether you are married or co-habiting; a heterosexual couple or a same sex couple such as:-

- Paid arrangements for children
- Division of assets
- General money issues

However within these universal themes, how they are dealt with in law can be very different. For example, in children issues whether or not the father has parental responsibility can make a difference if there is a dispute; in financial matters the situation between married couples/civil partnership couples and co-habitees is very different.

There is also the issue of cost. As of April 2013, Legal Aid is generally not available to deal with financial issues or children issues (there are certain exceptions). It is available for injunctions following domestic violence but is still subject to the party being financially eligible. Legal Aid is available to parents in care proceedings.

There are also situations in care proceedings where Legal Aid might be available to other parties.

This can all be a minefield for people to deal with when they are already going through a stressful situation.

At Molesworths Bright Clegg, we endeavour to help take away some of that stress.

We cannot alter the fact that the relationship has ended but we can help take some of the strain of dealing with the aftermath to help you reach an outcome that you are happy with and which will enable you to move on.

We can help you deal with financial issues; disputes over children, legalities of ending the marriage/civil partnership.

We are happy to discuss charging rates and find ways to help deal with the costs involved.

We can discuss matters with you at a free initial interview to explain the above matters in more detail.

So if you require any advice in relation to family/children/divorce matters, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01706 356666.


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